Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yung Kee Restaurant

The morning after the typhoon and Hong Kong came alive again. Really weird to see Hong Kong a ghost town but this helped me to appreciate that a city is more about its people and not just the buildings and stuff. 
Our flight which was supposed to leave at 9 am had been delayed to 6pm. Hurray! Another few hours to spend in HK. I thought I have to let this two get a taste of roast goose before leaving HK or the trip wouldn't be complete. Roast goose to me is very symbolically linked with Hong Kong because when we were young whenever my dad came back from Hong Kong, a roast goose was what he would always bring home with him and until today I can still recall the feast that followed. 

Remembered passing Yung Kee on my quest for the wanton noodle in  Central, it looks terribly grand and expensive but I didn't want to waste time looking elsewhere as I want to leave some time for shopping too. So Yung Kee it had to be.

Everything look so good from the window. But regrets set in as soon as we sat down and had a look at the menu...

A less than 1/2 (probably 1/4) a goose serving cost HK$150!

And this plate of white-cut chicken cost HK$120.

This meal with rice and chinese tea cost HK$300+  and it was the most expensive of all the meals we have had in Hong Kong. The goose and chicken were good but not spectacular and I know we could have easily gotten the same thing for a fraction of the price in many other roast shops. Will I go back there again? A definite NO even if I am to encounter another typhoon. 


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yes, yung kee is totally over rated. i was told also tt if u don't have enough ppl to finish 1 whole goose, forget about eating at yung kee bc the cut portions/individual servings are not as tasty bc they r not freshly cut.

Christy said...

Gracious, that's really over-priced!!~
I'd never go back as well if I was charged this expensive for something which can be found in other shops; at a fraction of a price!

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

dear friend,

do u've BBQ LAND & STEAMBOAT BUFFET KUANG's phone no at SG BULOH, SELANGOR @ been there? some said d price just below rm20/pax!


mal handsome

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a feast, everyday said...

terri, tts true and d meat gets drier, less moist.

christy, better bet at smaller roast shops...

ibnu, so sorry i hv not been to this rest. but u can try precious pea's blog at my food link. I am not sure but i thought i might hv read a sg buloh post in her blog not too long ago.

mal handsome said... NOT BBQ LAND,LAH...

kampungboycitygal said...

serious?! it was under our must go list for our coming hk trip! :( better minus it off then

Precious Pea said...

Their dishes not bad, i remembered i had the pomelo skin braised with scallop superior gravy. But yes, i got shocked with their menu hand shaking when i look at it. Love their century eggs.

a feast, everyday said...

kbcg, p pea, no, the dishes are not bad. It is just d value-for-money aspect of it. I hvn't try any other dishes so i am not in a position to comment.
kbcg do give it a try, maybe u might hv different experiences but be ready to pay lah.

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

my DEAR friend,

do u think this article is RACIST?

if YES, plz do not hesitate 2 make a police report NOW 2 d nearest station!

so our country will b in HARMONY, 4ever...


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