Monday, September 8, 2008

Wanton and Drunken Chicken

After Disneyland all I wanted to do in Hong Kong was to eat and shop. Leanne and myself (minus Bryan as he wanted to catch up on sleep after staying up the whole night listening to a duet performance by two renowned snorers (:-0zzz (:-0zzz ) made our way to Central to look for the two famous wanton noodle shops face to face in Wellington Street featured in Terri's Hong Kong trip last year. 
No trouble finding them although it was quite a long uphill walk. 


Tsim Chia Kee
Didn't know which one to go for until Leanne decided the better looking shop it would be which was Tsim Chia Kee. 

This is easily the best wanton I have ever had. The wantons were as big as the soup spoon that you can see on the top picture. There must be about 4-5 chunks of fresh prawn meat in each and they were so fresh every bite gave that heavenly crunch. The helping was very generous as I had a hard time finishing the noodles. It cost HK$16 per serving and that's less than RM7!

This one came from Mak's. As we were too full to try out Mak's, I decided to doggy bagged for Bryan. I asked for two helping as I know Bryan can eat. What you see in that cup was two helpings and they cost HK$59! No wander Tsim Chia Kee has more customer. I must say the soup did taste better but TCK's wanton wins hands down. 

Went to Mongkok for shopping. As usual, one wanted to go book store, another wanted to see all the newest gadget in electronics and I wanted shoes, clothings and all the finer things in life...Ok, so I thought I'd accommodate them first and do my things the next day but as it turned out the weather did not cooperate. Did managed to sneak into an Esprit outlet and came away with a denim skirt. I have to admit I am not only a picky eater but also a picky shopper. I just have to find something I really like before buying and most times I can shop the whole day and have nothing to show. 
After all that walking in Mongkok (so, so crowded that sometimes the crowd just push you along), the heat, hunger and sore feet tell us to slow down and look for a place to eat. We hopped into this Shanghai restaurant as the air-conditioning was so inviting.

I wanted something cold but also wanted to eat rice (another 'fun tong' rice bucket in the family), so I ordered this drunken chicken. Most time when I tasted this dish the chicken was always too oily and flavor of wine not properly soaked into meat. As this was a Shanghainese restaurant and I know they are famous for this dish, I hoped (and prayed) for the best. 

I was not disappointed at all. The fragrance of the wine hit me before I even get to taste it. I detected no oil at all either on the chicken nor the wine sauce. My taste buds work overtime ever now as I am writing and staring at this photo. Can you see the gelatin between the skin and the meat. The meat was prefect, soo smooth yet with a definite bite and the flavors of the chicken...olala... I wander what wine they used?

Bryan ordered the fried noodles and I thought it look just like the hokkien mee back home. Tastewise not as intense or lardy but pretty good.

Trust Leanne to ordered this sai lung pau everywhere we went. The skin was a little too thick on top but the filling and soup were delicious.  

I almost single-handedly finished this savory dessert.
This restaurant offers a lot more dishes and they all looked (spying the next table's dishes) very interesting. Must go back there again with a bigger and hungrier crowd so can order more dishes.


irene-serenity said...

during my last HK trip, my SIL brought me to a place called koontong to savour the famous 'giong zap zhong lai'. it requires a skillful technique to let the ginger juice 'zhong' (bang into) hot milk, which will set and become something like tofufar, very tasty.
if you happen to go there, pls get some photos, if possible, the step-by-step process of preparing the dish...
how come you & terry r blogging about HK at d same time? u going 2gether kah?

a feast, everyday said...

irene, i know what u meant, I tasted it in Macao when we were there earlier this yr. It is the double layer skin milk and i loved it. I do have pictures but I never gotten round to blog it, infact i didn't blog bout Macao at all. As for the recipe, I think terri posted tt a while back, do check.
No, we were there a few days earlier during the school holiday but i am very slow in coming with my posts. So many backlog :-(

Christy said...

The prawn wanton is so scrumptious....yummy!!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

omg, u ate like emperors! tt 1st pic of the drunken chicken...!!!tt's it, i'm gonna go change my roasted goose pic bigger!! yes, jim's wonton noodles r made in heaven!

don't u just want to go to HK again?! I do i do!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

oh, wang jia sha is an excellent shanghai cuisine restaurant. their fired bao n xiao long baos r said to be better than crytal jade's n din tai fung!

a feast, everyday said...

christy, u got to taste it to know how sumptuous tt was...every bite!

terri, thanks 4 d wanton tips.
yes, definitely, even just for d food i'll happy to go back.

Dave Yong said...

Looks so good Aunty!

Je-BabyGirl said...

My tummy is calling for the food already. My mouth is watery *wipes*

a feast, everyday said...

Dave, food in HK is sooo good. tt's why eros can cook so well. lucky you!

nana, when u get to HK in nov even for tt short while - just eat (maxim-a bit on the expensive side, cafe d coral is good), all these can be found at d airport!