Thursday, December 4, 2008

Black Sesame Ice Cream and Okonomiyaki

I searched for this black sesame ice cream all over Japan and for this trip I only managed to find it here in Kyoto. Strange, last year it was everywhere we went in Japan. When I saw it being offered as a dessert for a set meal, I had to order the meal, whatever it was. My favorite ice cream to date. Roasted nutty flavour, rich, sweet but with a just a hint of bitterness like a good dark chocolate. 

Luckily the set meal was nothing exotic, just some Japanese pancake, okonomiyaki but we had to do the cooking ourselves.  We also had some tofu teppanyaki on the same hot plate. 

Perfectly done.

Splurge on the sweet and sour sticky yummy sauce as much as you can so as to ensure the rest of the garnishings like bonito flakes, chopped spring onion stay on. Here you go, the Japanese pizza. 

These goodies were also part of the set and I must admit, even though I had eyes only for the ice cream, the dango with the mitarashi sauce on the left was delicious. I am sure it is the superior Japanese glutinous rice flour, as to make this dessert is no difference to making our traditional tang yuan but yet this was ultra silky smooth without any of the graininess of the tang yuan I made (no matter how much I knead and how long I leave it to rest). I can easily get hooked on this stuff. 
I am knocking my head now for not bringing home some of these glutinous flour from Japan for our yearly tang yuan!


daisyfused said...

AW MAN!!!!!

i still haven't had my japanese meal yet... and here is another post that is making me drool~

though i did find an amazingggg hot pot place that you'd love!

perfect for the weather right now. it's suddenly gone down to 2 degrees...

can't wear my gorgeous leather jacket nymore.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ohhh the ice cream with extra nuts??? and self cooked food?? really?

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

the okonomiyahi looks super *slurrpp* ya, all tt travelling n i don't even get a single mochi.

heather, 2 C?? man, tt's tough. shanghai winter is so wet too :( i think leather jackets r more suitable in melbourne *hint*

a feast, everyday said...

df, and we r roasting back here in singlets n shorts!! Would tt get u home for x'mas??? :-(

joe, no, not really cooking. Just flip the pancakes over once a while...:D

terri, ah moi, u make better mochi lah. anyway we travelled light tt i hv to wash my jeans as I was only allowed 2 pairs. tt's wat happen when u hv to travel by train to get around...

Je-BabyGirl said...

I missed Japan... and the original food there. Sigh...