Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nishiki Market, Kyoto

Remember the market I mentioned a few posts ago that has the same namesake as our oldest Japanese restaurant in KK? Yes, the Nishiki. Well, we visited the market here in Kyoto and it was everything I expected and more. 

I was told it is really small compared to Tsukiji Market in Tokyo but it has it's own charm and the good thing is, it is part of a bigger covered shopping arcade that runs endlessly for blocks, the Teramachi Dori (fashion, fashion and more fashion - not my cup of tea) and the Shijo Dori (brimming with electrical goods - not my cup of tea either). They did make a very pleasant window-shopping expedition as they were interspersed with endless food stalls and restaurants (I found the ice cream I was looking for here too).

When I looked up the internet I saw all the lovely food stalls but that didn't prepare me for the walk through the market when my five senses went into an overdrive. The scent, smell, aroma, fragrance, taste, sight plus the hustle and bustle made this 400m walk a gourmet ecstasy if you are a Japanese food freaks like us. 
This stall has all sorts of pickles vegetables in miso paste. The aroma from these tubs hits all the sensory nerves.

A bathtub-size container full of pickled gourds.

More veggies pickled in brine and sake, I think.

Freshly shaved bonito flakes.

One of the many stalls selling fresh seafood.

Fish roe and scallops.

Tasting station for the many dried seafood that are unique to Japanese cuisine.

As many as there are fresh food stalls, there are cooked, ready-to-eat food stalls too. These kebabs are all lined up temptingly. Needless to say, we stood here for quite a while. They were very good.

Fish cakes, fish balls, crab cakes all ready to go.

I would have love these with a piping hot bowl of Japanese sticky rice.

Grilled fish for busy working housewives to bring home for dinner...

Any one for the hottest spice in Japan??

Beside food, this market sells everything related to food preparation too.

Knives, scissors...

All these and more...


Precious Pea said...

Interesting market. I shall get my japanese tea set here.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow...look at the sashimi!!

a feast, everyday said...

p pea, still looking for J tea set?

joe, the best 'fast food' joint in the world! Instantaneous!