Friday, December 19, 2008

Yu Xin @ Shanghai

If you are a lover of Sichuan fiery hot spicy food this is the address for you:
3rd floor, #333, Zhao Shang Ju Square, North Chengdu Road (near Weihai Lu),
Jing'an District. 
This is in Shanghai and not in Chengdu, Sichuan although the address can be misleading...
Tel: 5298 0438 (make reservation to avoid the queue)
The girls did all the ordering as they are the true experts of this cuisine.

Started off with the cold dish always...delicate pork dish with duck egg yolk.

Some rabbit food...lettuce with sesame sauce.
A very refreshing lightly stir-fried of black fungus, asparagus and chili.

The ever popular jellyfish salad, crunchy and delicious. 
OK, now armed with an artillery of antidotes, we were ready for the unique assault of the palates by the following fiery Sichuan dishes...

Steamed chicken smoldered in a hot sauce of hua jiao (Sichuan peppers) and chilli pepper sprinkled generously with sesame seeds and peanuts.  Yumz, hot and spicy.

Meaty and succulent bull frog legs stewed with petula (silk gourd) and tiny pickled red and green chillies in, what else but the ma la flavor of the huajiao. The aroma and flavor of the sichuan peppers coupled with the sourness from the varied pickled chillies rendered this dish beyond description...Proceed cautiously, it is a land mine of hua jiao floating around. One chomp and the mouth goes numb along with the taste bud too. 
My favorite of the evening.  

When this dish turned up at the table, I was thinking 'Chili soup?' Looked closely, the soup turned out to be oil! Are we going to eat that? OK, I was told this is hot fish fillet with chili peppers in oil. Thin slices of fish (freshwater) were cooked without fire but just from the heat of the boiling hot spicy oil. 

The fish was left in the hot oil with red pepper chili for a while and an attendant came by the table, lifted off the chili pieces and revealed the fish slices within. With this method the fish get cooked just right. The flavor and texture of fish was unbelievably smooth and silky and surprisingly didn't taste oily at all.    

Now the girls said we need to bring down the temperature as our warm attire was removed layer by layer as the meal progressed. They asked the captain for something to bring down the heat and this was the dish that turned up (lucky for us they didn't send the bomba). 
Savory soy bean curd with all these condiments. I don't know about the effectiveness of this in cooling us but it was a very tasty way to end the fiery dinner. 
Thank you, Z and C for the lovely evening, fantastic food and truly entertaining company.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

wowowowow this is superb. i love sichuan food at first bite, n even more after knowing leila. btw, tt fish dish is called sui joo yu (water cooked fish), super yum isn't it--all ur senses r evoked from smell to taste to feel.

daisyfused said...

:'( miss you here la mi...

was walking past the cinema yesterday, and thought to the day you and leanne waited for me watching 007. want to cry oh!

Je-BabyGirl said...

I am a food lover... but spicy food would hardly be my choice since I had something about them. Ok, I do eat spicy food but it depends though. So, to the Sichuan cuisine, heheheheheheheh, no thank you from me. I remembered so well that I got sick and fever just by taking in the scent of Sichuan food. Dang, I wish I could just really eat everything, including hot and spicy food.

irene-serenity said...

oh, don't they look spicy and fiery... i think i'll juz go for the bring-down-the-heat dish...

wmw said...

Happy New Year! Looks like a fiery meal alright! I likey!

frank said...

the fish in oil. wooooaaahhh

the pictures. awesome.

i'm hungry again... sigh

i'm hungry a lot these days...