Monday, December 15, 2008

Nan Lee Restaurant @ Shanghai

Nan Lee Restaurant
We met up with my cousin's daughter, San San, who moved to Shanghai with the husband almost 2 years ago when he went over to work. She brought us to this Shanghai/Hangzhou cuisine at this address: 

It is very easy to find as it is on the same street (Nanjing Lu) as all the up-market shopping ... when you find this gate, walk in a few meters and it is on your right.  

Simple but delicious eggs in a light sweet soy dressing, one of the many Shanghainese cold dish.

This fish is also considered a cold dish. It is stewed with preserved veggie with a sweet sauce. Very appetizing.

A stir-fried of pork belly, walnuts, leeks and chillies. Wonderful combination of taste and texture. 

A beef hot-pot with tang hoon. A meal by itself.

Nian gau (sticky rice cake) in cubes instead of the usual slices fried kung pou style. Very tasty. 

Another fish dish but I didn't get to taste this as there were so many other dishes to sample.

A rather disappointing lion's head... but huge, almost the size of my fist.

A chicken hot-pot stew

Steam egg

Shanghai staple- veggie rice. Love it, especially the fresh soybeans.

We went for the lunch special for 6 pax at RMB 198 although there were only 4 of us!*greedy* Nine tasty wholesome dishes in all which could have easily fed 8. Real value for money. No wonder the place was packed.

We went back for dinner again the day before we left Shanghai as we were shopping nearby and wanted to taste more of their dishes. 
So glad we did...

A delicious cold dish of shredded cucumber, enoki mushroom and cilantro with a light vinaigrette dressing. So light and refreshing.

A starter set of stewed pork ribs and tofu. 

Another tofu dish fried with thin slices of lup choong (chinese sausage) and leek. So simple yet sooo good. 

Four-season beans.

Dong Bo Rou with preserved veggie. 


hongyi said...

ah, i recognise many of these dishes. one of them is 'kohfu', a bean curd thingy tt my FIL loves. food's good there ya. u had a great time i can see :))!


Penang Tua Pui said...

A beef hot-pot with tang hoon look tempting to me... especially these cold season.....

hi,, I am Huat Koay from PenangTuaPui.... this blog is nice......

a feast, everyday said...

terri, i like this restaurant, nothing pretentious, just down-to-earth and simple delicious food.

tua pui, thanks. the shanghai weather now is great for hot-pot, we tried a couple and they were good..