Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kedai Kopi Wah Juan

Kedai Kopi Wah Juan

Most KK-ites would know this place..we come here for home cooked food when we do not feel like cooking at home. The food here is consistently good and fresh. That's the reason why whenever we want to eat here we get ourselves there early like 11.30am or be prepared to stand around waiting for the next available table. It is packed even before 12noon until they close for business at 2pm.
The same stall - the only stall in the shop - serve their signature dish of kon lau noodles with special braised pork-delicacies like liver, heart, tongue and everything pork for breakfast but alas we are not much of innards' fans or we will be there lining up in the morning too...
They do not serve dinners but another stall takes over the night shift and also offers very economical freshly cooked food .
For out-of-towners - it is in Tanjung Aru town. The shop can be seen from the main road. Right opposite the Turf Club (horse racing at weekends??). Just round the corner is the Kedai Kopi Hing Leong we did a post on recently.

The 'chef'

The pre-cut, pre-marinated ingredients are constantly replenished as customers placed their orders. This hasten the cooking time, and food are delivered to the table in, most times, less than 15 minutes from the moment you placed the order...even when the shop is packed!

More fresh ingredients

Leanne's favourite - sour soup with thin slivers of pork, salted veg, tofu and other chopped veg

Yum yum - fresh water fish slices with ginger and spring onions.

They usually have a stew for the day and today's special is chicken with potatoes. Tasty.

Stir-fried mix veg with pork (or chicken)

The veg are fresh and done just right with lots of crunch!

The menu is limited but everything is freshly cooked unlike most budget eateries whereby the food are cooked many hours beforehand.

Total cost for this 'a la carte' meal is only Rm 17!!

Operating hours :

7 am - 11 am - breakfast

11 am - 2 pm - lunch

Close on Mondays

Love, Jo


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

My colleagues & i loved to go there. Tt was when d father cooked, n he was way better (& more generous) than d son. Still, i love a quick meal there cos everything is freshly friedand tasty. Only thing is it's so crammed n kinda..unhygenic. the noodles seemed to be a hit with everyone but i find the noodles too soft n the innards, well, i imagine too much!

Precious Pea said...

Drool team,i will be travelling to KK for a very short trip in Sept (3days2nights). Can recommend some good and unique places to eat?

The Drool Team said...

Oh that's great! We'll do lots of sea food and unique food posts then. Where would u be staying in KK?

Precious Pea said...

The new hotel in KK town (can't remember the name) and it's next to a shopping mall and nearby to the Phillipino market.

The Drool Team said...

Le Meridian, good place to stay lots of food nearby - Warisan Square and Centre Point right next door. Any spare time for some food crawling with us?? We'll be out of town 1st week of Sept but in for the rest of the month.

The Drool Team said...

Check out the hungerhunger blog on our drool links. There are a few reviews on eateries in Warisan Square.

Shan said...

I used to go there once in a while for breakfast in the mornings.
Never thought about lunch tho - will give it a shot. LOTS of flies around tho.

If I'm craving home cooking style chinese food, I usually head to another shop in Tj Aru. I've forgotten it's name but it's on the same block as the Toto shop, very close to the bicycle shop.

I love the food there. They also have my fave sayur manis leaves cooked with egg and garlic. I could eat that every day.

Similarly, not a massive range of options and gotta get there early too as it packs out fast.

Another tj aru fave when eating with a non-halal group is King Hu.

The Drool Team said...

Didn't know bout d one near d bcycle shop - will give it a try soon. as for king hu, just getting round to blog it of our fav joint for years.