Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Winter melon soup

Winter melon soup

We like soup with our meals, especially so when feeling under the weather and have no appetite for solid food. That how K is feeling now and the soup of the day for him is none other than the wonderful winter melon. There are so many different version of cooking this soup and at most times, the ingredients used depend very much on what is available in one's fridge. The recipe below offers options.

Years ago, watched a neighbour in our former place cooked the melon without removing the skin. She just scrapped off the outer white and green layers, leaving the thick inner skin intact. The soup was infused with a much richer melon fragrance. Since then, that is how we always prepare the melon for soup.
Winter melon soup
Serve 4 - 6

500g winter melon, seeded, scrapped and cut chunks
300g pork bone (or chicken) chopped into chunks
2 L water
2-3 dried oysters (or dried scallop or dried squid), washed and soaked
3-4 dried mushroom, washed and soaked
1 tablespoon kee chee aka goji or wolfberries, washed
1 mi zhao (honey date) - can use red dates too but honey dates give a sweeter but more subtle taste
salt and pepper
honey date

1) Parboil the meat in boiling water. Drain.
2) Bring the 2l water to boil in a deep pot, put in the meat, melon, mushrooms, date and oysters. When it boils again turn down heat to low and simmer for about an hour. Add in the kee chee.
3) Season with salt and pepper. Serve piping hot.
Note: Roasted pork ribs will give a tastier and thicker soup.


DonDon said...

mmm..a bowl of winter melon soup in the middle of winter..thats what i really need...the weather here's been so crazy..been raining whole day 2day..gila..haha..oh mum, pls check ur mail..and ask leanne to check her mail as well

The Drool Team said...

Don,pls check ur ticket's return date and re-endorse it at the Mas office.

Precious Pea said...

Mmmm..nothing beats a bowl of warm homecooked soup!

daisyfused said...

yum yum yum... i want some soup...

The Drool Team said...

precious pea: yah, especially now when it is raining cats and dogs.

daisyfused: kitchen not equip yet?