Saturday, July 7, 2007

Welcome Restuarant, Penampang

Following Terri's blog and our noses, we went to check this out.
This is what we found...
The Mongolian pork chops Rm 15
Deep fried pork chops with a buttery spicy sauce. The kids loved it.

Steamed fresh-water fish Rm 48

This is my favourite. It is a fresh water fish called 'pak si kung' translated as 'white beard male' (can mean 'white beard grandpa' too). We wanted Patin but it was not available and this was recommended instead. So glad they did. The flesh is sooo.. smooth and sweet- steamed just right! This fish is less fatty and the meat has a smoother texture than the patin.

'Yu mak' with fermented bean curd sauce Rm 8

Creamy wet butter crabs Rm 18
Definitely the star of the night - very fresh crabs, cooked just right. A little small in size but the crab roe I found in 2 out of the 3 crabs more than made up for the inadequate size. Heavenly!! We also had the 'kam heong' crabs and the buttered prawns (sorry no pic, camera's battery went flat). I liked that more then the butter crabs but Bryan thinks the butter ones very good...
We will come back for more!
Coming from Beverly Hills towards Penampang, the restuarant is located just after the small Bundusan roundabout, first turning left and straight on will find it on your right.
They open daily from 2pm - 12 midnight


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