Monday, July 16, 2007

To market to market

This market in the heart of Tanjung Aru town has got to be the smallest in town but it has much more to offer than what meets the eyes. I drop by here very often after sending Kesh to school. I get the best tofu from a Chinese lady in one of the three vegetable stalls and my local water buffalo meat from the one and only meat stall (a lady sometimes do sells chicken here too but not on a regular basis). It has three stalls offering local breakfast fares and....

Local lemons Rm2 for 8

The lady who owns a lemon tree

Isn't it nice to have a lemon tree at one's back yard? This Kadazan lady (Sabah's largest indigenous group) sells her produce in one of the three stalls. I get the lemons from her whenever they are available (not very regular though).

The vegetable stalls

Salted veg

Preserved the traditional way with only rice water and salt by the Chinese lady who also sells the softest and smoothest white tofu in town (no pic - sold out by the time I got there).

A coconut stall

Sells freshly squeezed coconut milk. Which makes cooking curry and other dishes that call for santan so convenient and easy. Always find it so messy and tedious extracting santan from grated coconut. This stall, to me, is a gem.

The operating hours and price for its 'santan segar'.

The three stalls that sell mainly sweet potatoes, bananas, papayas and seasonal home produce.

A very popular 'pisang goreng' - fried banana stall

Lovely crisps

Lovely lady

The mountain of crisps vanished in a matter of minutes - the few minutes I was there to snap the few pics. Noticed they were very generous with their portions too - Rm 2 for 15-20 pieces!

And here, she keeps churning out the popular snacks.



DonDon said...

mmmmmm..pisang goreng...

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

what's my hub doing there, buying pisang goreng when he was with us in China?? even he was amazed!

The Drool Team said...

Don: the pisang is really good, still crispy even after few hours

Terri: Yah, I am amazed too. Does look like him. He must have a twin he is not aware of..