Thursday, July 19, 2007

Emperor's Delight

Another new eatery in KK. This is Shanghai street's food served in air-conditioned comfort. The Emperor's Delight opened about 2 months ago. It is located in the heart of KK's commercial centre, a block from Little Italy, right across the Esso petrol kiosk. We were there for lunch and getting a parking space in this vicinity was horrendous. Better to go in the evening unless you happen to work nearby.

Bright and cosy
Very clean and efficient-looking kitchen

La main with szechuan preserved veg Rm8

La main with braised pork knuckle Rm 8

Fried La main with seafood Rm 8

La main with spicy minced meat which is anything but spicy Rm8

Meatballs called 'Lion's head' - tasty but too soft Rm ?

The well-known Shanghai's 'Xiao lung pau'' Rm 5

Small but packed with good soup and tasty filling. The kids' favourite

A sweet pancake that is very similar to the roti canai Rm 5

Scallion pancake Rm 5

Yummy yam rolls Rm5

The general consensus of the gang was that the noodles were nothing to shout about but the dim sum and titbits were good enough to warrant another visit.

Business hour:

9 am - 3 pm

6pm - 10 pm

Close on Mondays


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Terri @ hungerhunger said...

We went there one evening at 8.30 and they didn't let us in..we were dressed lah, they said they'd run out of food!! Btw, xizitou or lion's head meatballs are supposed to be soft. i once made them with lean meat snd they came out dry and hard. My MIL divulged the secret: pork fat. But now she has a healthy alternative: tofu. Not my favorite Shanghainese dish tho.