Friday, July 20, 2007

LeAnne's Tuna sandwich

Yum yum.. the sandwich taste FAB!!!!

Cut celery into small bits.....

Mix 1 can of tuna with mayo, french mustard, lime juice, salt and pepper..and also the chopped celery.

Spread butter on the bread

Spread the tuna on the buttered bread

Mum helped to trim off the crust..

and cut into half.

Easy peasy. Enjoy.

From LeAnne.


DonDon said...

Wow wow, "little play play cooK" made so nice tuna sandwiches...make sure you will make some for me next time i come k? (extra tuna for koko don don, hehe). miss you!
Love, Star

The Drool Team said...

I will make you sandwich with extra extra tuna!!! .
Miss you so much!!!LOVE YOU!