Monday, August 20, 2007

The best Khew Yuk in Kota Kinabalu

As a Hakka thoroughbred, this traditional Hakka cuisine, Khew Yuk is my biggest weakness. This is the best you can ever find in KK (hate to admit it but it is even better than the recipe I have).
Unlike most, this dish is not reeking of star anise and five spice but with just that perfect infusion hinting the presence of these spices which allows the yam (aka taro) and the pork to take centre stage.
The pork and yam literally melt in the mouth and couple with the most delicious sauce... heavenly...

Jing Cheng Restaurant

The restaurant is located in Penampang near the Wong Kok wholesale vegetable market and just a block away from the Wong Kok Restaurant.

The rest of dishes offered in their menu are worth trying too. The steamed fish, nam nui pork chop, claypot tofu, mayo prawns...all pretty good but I only had eyes for the pork and yam combo.

Evenings can be quite crowded after 7.

Open hours:

7 am - 3 pm

5 pm - 9 pm



Anonymous said...

Oh yes...

Pork is of course pork - delicious, with a little bit of fat, soo good.

But when there is a combo dish with Yam, the meal becomes really special, from khew yuk, to yam basket, to the yam rice that they serve with the bak kut teh in Melaka, yam is simply one of the tastiest items to go with pork.

Also there is of course the Yam cake which is very very good with cili boh, sweet sauce.

Am getting hungry just talking and imagining food. :-)


daisyfused said...

frank! stop it! focus! diet the week ahead! or else we gonna get-a-hurt real bad when we go kk.

mi, leave my frozen khew yuk in the fridge for me ah... i am starving myself patiently for a gorge-fest.

Anonymous said...

ahh, wasn't there another variant of this dish that uses cloud ears, equally fatty and tasty?

that's also khew yuk right?


The Drool Team said...

yeah, u be coming home to maggi mee :p
i think tt's 'moi choi', a preserved veg, with pork.

DonDon said...


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

i must try this place! um, tt dish Icchan enquired about is stewed pork with wood ears in nam yue sauce. another yummy Hakka dish.

The Drool Team said...

terri: but tt's not khew yuk only yam/pork and moi choy/pork are called khew yuk.