Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Gaya Seafood Restaurant, Inanam

We kept coming back to this restaurant because of the consistency and varieties they offered. The food had always maintained a fairly good KK standard through the years. That was why we brought Frank and Iris the first night they were here. They liked it. But we were quietly mortified because for the first time, the food was shockingly bland. Where was that 'consistency'? Was there a change of chef?
Anyway, here is what we had ...

Elephant trunks, not too bad.

'Tung Fong Loh', plain soy dip

As Frank and Iris never had these before, K showed them how to fish out the yums.

Steamed live prawns, same dip as above

Mussels in sweet and sour sauce

chow zhow steamed fish.... disappointing

Deer meat with curry sauce in this sea food restaurant saved the day.

Can't really go wrong with the soft shelled crab deep fried in batter.

It is located in Inanam. After turning at the roundabout entering the township, go straight and you will see a school (Yik Nam) on your right. First turning right after the school, about 100 m ahead, the restaurant is on the right, next to the Gaya Sports Recreation Centre.

Hope you have better luck than us.



Precious Pea said...

Harlow to the TEAM,

Am heading to KK for holiday on 11 Sept and would appreciate if you could recommend some makan place to me. Preferably those in town, thanks heaps!! :)

The Drool Team said...

There is a makan place located at the Angs Hotel..ground floor, which is frequented by locals and tourists...pretty good chow..their steamed fish head is a must try..its kinda of busy between 7-9pm. Furthur down the road is an italian restaurant run by an italian family..the chow has been "malaysianised" to suit the local palates..but is generally very good..better than some of the established places in KL or elsewhere..and much cheaper.. Its called 'little italy' located on the ground floor of capitol hotel..both these places are located accross the main road from wisma merdeka and are on opposite sides of the same building...jo

The Drool Team said...

send us an email if you'd like to meet up. we could bring you out for a meal or two. :)

Precious Pea said...

Thanks for the tips! I heard about the Italian Place which I planned to go. Thanks for your offer, how do i contact your guys? Can't seems to find emails in your blog. I will do some research to consult you guys whether those eateries worth visiting or not.

Anonymous said...

As recent proud recipients of among the greatest gastronomical adventures of all time... Iris can I can attest that none can match Jo, K and the family for peerless taste in food, keen eyes with the camera, exquisite hosting, and absolute passion for all things delicious. Adopt us please? :D

Love, frank (and best 1/2)

The Drool Team said...

hi precious :) we've emailed you our email address. contact us, k?

hi frank and iris. u should've been here for the grade A durian. it was sooooooooooo good!

Anonymous said...

i like this restaurant..