Friday, August 3, 2007

Simple stir-fried bitter gourd

Stir-fried bitter gourd with eggs

This is the easiest, fastest and for the family that loves bitter gourd, the most delicious way to cook and taste the veg in its element beside eating it raw. We first tasted this many years ago in one of those small eateries in KL.
Stir-fried Bitter Gourd
Serve 4-6
1 medium-size bitter gourd , halved, seeded and sliced thinly
1 tablespoon oil
2 eggs
1 salted duck egg
salt and sugar for seasoning
1) Beat the egg and salted egg together. Cut the salted egg yolk into small pieces with a fork.
2) Heat the wok and add the oil.
3) When oil is hot, add in the egg. Toss in the sliced gourd when the egg mixture is still a little runny in texture. Mix thoroughly for about 1 minute.
4) Cover pan and cook for 2-3 minutes. Do not overcook - leave some crunch in the veg.
5) Season and dish out.

...happy cooking!

K and Jo


Anonymous said...

A simple and quite wholesome homecooked meal.

I wonder, do you soak the bitter gourd (BG) in salt to remove the excess bitterness?

I do like BGs, as long as it's not too bitter, my personal favourite is the crunchy curry powder version at the indian curry houses, they're to die for.

BGs used in yong tau foo is also not bad but they sometimes tend to be on the less fresh side.


The Drool Team said...

No, we don't.
We like stuffed BG too.