Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sutera Harbour Marina Club

The house is going through some renovation in one bathroom that has a leaky tub. With all the hammering and drilling that is going on at home, decided to take a break at the Marina Club in Sutera Harbour. Taking in the vista of the sea and the islands with a good cup of local Tenom brew was...truly heaven on earth...

...well that was before the lunch arrived. The nasi looked and tasted so very bland...should have opted for the reliable and much-loved oxtail.

At least LeAnne had a great lunch of fish and chips.

K was on a latte diet
Not very satisfied with lunch, so gave myself an excuse for dessert. My favourite pulut hitam (black glutinous rice) with santan topped with vanilla ice-cream and loads of almond chips.
Satiated by the view and dessert, left the club feeling good and did not even mind returning to the incessant pounding and dust in the house.



DonDon said...

mmmm..i miss the bubur pulut hitam...

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, the view is incredible, K's latte is also very-very delectable. The rice dish looked tired, and the fish and chips reasonably palatable. The pulut hitam...a piece de resistance indeed.

Incidentally, I've been in Malacca since yesterday with Heather and Saf and we've been on a rather single minded eating binge. I must weigh in about the weight of a baby whale by now.

Heather was feeling under the weather and has returned home, Saf and I decided to binge one more day. We'll leave on Sunday (after lunch of course). :p


The Drool Team said...

don: and we missed u so much!

Chan: tq for looking after Heather, her tonsils played up again. How was the chicken ball rice? Did u drop by in Nancy's Kitchen for some nyonya food?

Anonymous said...

I do hope she is feeling better, poor thing, she looked totally and utterly miserable.

Nope, this time was the hawker stalls and one chinese restaurant binge, no nyonya food :(

We had quite a bit of fried carrot cake, and it was quite good. We also had 2 rounds of chicken rice balls, both very good imho. We also had some fried oysters, and pork belly soup, and pork stew with yam & dried shrimp rice - that was really quite good.

We'll be dropping by in just 6 days :-)


DonDon said...

and i miss u guys too!~! see u guys real soon

The Drool Team said...

Chan: tt's a lot of food for u n Saf. See tt u like pork n yam combo too, u definitely got to try the khew yuk I just posted mins ago. Sure u not a Hakka?

Don: Pls. thank Star 4 me 4 the lovely card.

Star said...

Im glad that the card has arrived before your birthday (luckily it didnt arrive after, smilling ^^).
So nice all the food that you guys cooked...yummy!

Lassie said...

Well written article.