Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baba & Nyonya Recipes Curry House, Penampang

Curry Fish Head
We have frequented this place since end of last year. Come here so often that the boss always has a big grin whenever he sees us. Always wanted to blog it but somehow other posts got in the way and this was shelved.
Brought Heather here the moment she touched down in KK for the last CNY holiday and she loved it although we only had snacks.
During CNY we brought Mui Fung and we ordered 2 fishhead dishes - curry and asam as we were so hungry after 'working' so hard building 'the great wall of China' ;p
The curry fish head turned out too spicy with the curry powder overpowering all other ingredients. And I think it was totally outshone by the next dish.

Asam (tamarind) Fish Head
We keep coming back for this. The sauce is out of this world - with the perfect balance of sweet, salty, sour, chili hot and a blend of all the bunga kantan (ginger flower), lemongrass, duan kesum and minty flavours infused. Had to have second helping of rice just for the gravy. Blogging this makes me drool...

Over the many visits to this joint we tried many different dishes. Some we love and some we don't - like this steamed fishhead with soy sauce. The sauce way too salty and fish overcooked. K can do better at home.

Petai and ikan billies (anchovies) sambal. Tasty but a little too oily.

Gong Bao Sotong (squid). Nicely done with the sotong cooked just right, very tender but the sauce is not the expected fiery hot and spicy of gong bao's. Still tasty nonetheless.

Pucuk pakis with sambal belacan and dried shrimps.

Fried Meehoon (rice vermicelli) with sayur manis ( Sabah veg.) RM6.oo

This is very good. Very simple ingredients but done perfectly. A must-have for Don, Bryan and Leanne.

Cendol RM3.00

Saved the best for last - my favourite!! This is exactly the way I like it - coarsely shaved ice piled on top of the pandan-flavoured cendol and boiled red beans. Generously drenched in thick gula melaka syrup (palm sugar) and thick santan (coconut milk). Slurp! Love it. Will be back for more.

Although this is presently my favourite hound, there is this one detail that bugs me... I am not usually very fussy but the sticky plastic sheet (for protection?) they have over the batik tablecloth freak me out. I wanted to lift it up and fold it to one corner but it was thumbtacked to the table!! Why can't they just leave the lovely tablecloth alone? I had to do a complete wipe down before I dare place my hands on it. Sound rather obsessive but it just made me feel so sticky all over and I can't eat comfortably. When I mentioned this to the boss, he said they are going to change that. Hope that will happen soon.

Block E, Lot 34, ground floor, Grand Millenium Plaza, Jalan Lintas, Penampang. It is located the along the Donggongon highway. If coming from Lido along the Lintas highway towards KK international airport, turn left onto the Donggongon Highway at the Kepayan Ridge traffic light. The CKS Hypermarket is on the left. Turn in. The Krishna Curry House is next door.
Dishes come in s, m, l portions and prices except for desserts, breakfast and snacks.

It opens daily for breakfast (very good nasi lemak too), lunch, dinner and snacks until 10pm.



Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

we went there last sunday n did enjoy a very simple meal of assam fish head (sauce too sweet for us), excellent kangkong blacan, rendang n free rojak). the boss n wife were very friendly, n I was telling hub tt the thing tt sets this place apart frm others (other than the good food) is tt the owners r around, n very friendly. it turned out tt they r the same couple my friend Linda (Megan's mom) had told me about--I'll tell u about them. nice ppl, nothing bad :)

a feast, everyday said...

4got 2 mention the cendol. It is the best in tis part of the world!