Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Shenzhen - a shopper's heaven but a designer's nightmare!
This looked so much like a famous brand but look carefully, the logo is a double e not a double g.

Converse 'All Star' versus...

Streets' All-Star matched in every color and style.

A whole store exclusively devoted to this famous Disney character.

Lovely boots going for RMB30! Too bad there's no winter in Malaysia...

The many malls in Dongmen.
'People mountain people sea' is the only way to describe this scene in Dongmen Pedestrian Street. It is the No.1 shopping center of Shenzhen. Literally had to elbow our way through the crowd.
Three very serious shoppers in the midst of Shenzhen shopping heaven. There were shoes, bags, clothes, hand phones...and three new suitcases of course to accommodate all the new purchases.

Saw these cherries selling by the roadside on the way back to our hotel. Could never resist these.

The hotel we stayed in. Very comfortable rooms (after HK's pigeon holes, this is luxurious) and great location (right at the door step of Dongmen pedestrian street) at a very reasonable price. Thanks to Tet Mui's recommendation, he stayed here too when he came to Shenzhen last year with the family.

After a marathon day, everyone was too exhausted to venture any further. This restaurant is right in front of the hotel. It looked packed with locals so we gathered the food must be okay'

The restaurant's speciality 'Three Cup Duck'.

(Baby?) Frog legs with spring onion.

We ordered Hakka's stuffed tofu and thought the waitress made a mistake when this dish turned up at our table. These tofu were actually stuffed with tiny (almost invisible) bits of minced meat.

This place most probably catered to people just like us - hungry and tired tourists who wouldn't walk another step but would eat anything. The dishes were all very salty and nothing to rave about.



natalie said...

hello auntie jo! :)

thank you for my lovely present from hong kong! will put it to good use. hope to see you soon in kl.

a feast, everyday said...

Nat, u r most welcome. Tis trip didn't singga KL long enough, too in a hurry 2 go s'pore :D

frank said...

The frog legs look interesting, a long time ago, I used to help my mom sell nasi lemak at a local market in Happy Gardens Old Klang Road, a lady sold frogs.

After looking at her cut them up, I kinda stayed away from it for a long while.

But as one who eats practically anything, that frog dish you had looks interesting :p


Je-BabyGirl said...

the red red cherries caught my eyes. So nice la the trip... can't wait to go :)

a feast, everyday said...

When r u going? Now is too hot but early oct. should be nice.