Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bryan's 18th @ Little Italy, Kota Kinabalu

Bryan celebrated his 18th birthday few days ago. Completely slipped my mind partly because we gave him his birthday present last week when K was home and I was too preoccupied with the planned holiday that went off-rail a little. Busy surfing the net three nights straight searching for last minute accommodation.
Anyway, remembered it much later in the day, quickly dashed to a deli and got him this as it was too late to home-bake anything (not very competent, so need at least a day and a half to make a reasonably presentable cake :D).

He chose to go to Little Italy for his birthday dinner and I half expected it as this is his favourite restaurant. As we haven't been there for quite a while, it was a welcome treat for us too.

Knowing it can get quite crowded, we were there before 7 pm. By 7:30 the restaurant was packed.

Bruschetta, a must-have. RM8.90

And a super-thin crust pizza, large. RM26

Ravioli mushroom and chicken. RM23.90

Spinach fettuccine with Sicilian sauce. RM20

A jug of ice lemon tea. RM6.90

I found the dishes a tad too salty and somehow kind of lackluster in presentation and flavours as compared to our previous visits. I just hope that this is not a norm as this is such a favourite diner for my family, also for many locals and tourists alike.

It is situated in downtown Kota Kinabalu on the ground floor of Capital Hotel, which is right across Wisma Merdeka shopping mall.



ami3 s10 said...

Oyea, I loveeeee Little Italy :D. Hello, am one of ur blogfan. Keep it up!

a feast, everyday said...

Hi ami, glad 2 hear we have fans! Happy tuning in...:).

frank said...

Happy Birthday Brian.

Many many many happy returns for the day, and for many days thereafter.


frank said...

Aiyah my stupid spelling.

Sorry Bryan.


a feast, everyday said...

Thank Q n Brian is fine as long as u don't pronounce it 'brain'.