Monday, March 3, 2008

Shopping, shopping...

Temple Street Market
In Hong Kong, when we are not eating, you can be sure we are shopping. This place is truly a shoppers' paradise. Wherever you go, there are shops after shops after shops that sell whatever you heart desire, just endless.

We stayed just a stone throw away from Temple Street night market and a few blocks from Ladies' Market but what spelled the end of my food quest spree was a wholesale complex in Lai Chi Kok.

This wholesale mart consist of two buildings, A and BC, all in, about 3 stories full of ladies fashion!
As they are wholesalers, many of the stores here don't entertain single purchases but just as many do.

Everything in this store goes for Hk$30 which translate to only RM15!

Once we entered this complex, there was no coming out.
Yin was ecstatic because here she can find the latest fashion and at a fraction of the price in KK and in Australia. Air Asia 15kgs baggage limit caution completely forgotten.

As for me, after browsing a few of these shops, I was just too dazzled and overwhelmed. As my normal apparel are casual jeans and tees, these were just too fashionable for me. So, I spent the time snapping pictures instead.

The whole complex holds only one place to eat and that was where we had our lunch...sob...sob...
So much for a food blog!



frank said...

Iris is the fan of shopping. I just look at the food :-)

a feast, everyday said...

Not only look lah but also taste and sample and devour and...:P