Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sentosa Island

To Leanne's delight, the rain stopped and we were able to tear ourselves from the stores to head for the Sentosa Island.

As it was still wet and slightly drizzling, we headed for Singapore famous underwater world.

Sea horse

Sea Dragon

Also a sea dragon. Maybe male and female.

This beauty was about 2 feet long. Is this the delicious 'hoi die li' ? (K asked if I was hungry as I kept pointing out the sea food that I love:p)

Manage to catch a shot of this very shy eel that was hiding inside a rock.

Feeding time for the sting rays.

Snakes, worms or fish??

Many of these colorful coral fishes.

Deadliest jelly fish, we were told but look so graceful and harmless.

Less harmful but just as lovely.

This is appropriately named a Spectacle Box crab (I thought it was a shell)

And this a Sponge Crab.

Looking for lunch??

Gracie the Dugong. Very adorable but nothing like a mermaid though.

After the undersea escapade, it was still drizzling and cold. So what could be better than sitting down for a hot cuppa and some cakes. This cheese cake we had was so much tastier with creamier and smoother texture than the one we get in KK. Why, eh? Maybe the moon is always rounder overseas :p

Hah, but the texture of this cheese cake with blueberry topping was a little dry. Luckily the smooth sumptuous topping saved the cake.

Dunk these into the latte (I had a Belgium chocolate latte)...em...heaven.

Happy Easter to you!!



Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i thot i was reading National Geographic. fantastic photos! tt cam is something :)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

er...of cos the photographer is very good too:)

a feast, everyday said...

Hahaha...:p it's all in the lens of the beholder :D

s o n y a 妮 said...

ozzy land is alright so far.
lots of food & places to see :) something fresh for a start. unlike KL... well, you know hahaha

btw, nice photos! & it does look like NG shots :P

frank said...

Nice piccies. The jellyfish was v. interesting to see, even in it's deadliest, I kept thinking of the cold jellyfish dish you get in the four seasons first dish.

That's bona fide foodie thinking. hehe.


a feast, everyday said...

sonya, is the moon rounder there?? and the cheese creamier??
Tq, I've an amazing lens to work with...

Frank, come to think of it- man do eat everything and anything

ekeng said...

the Sponge Crab must be Spongebob family..hahaha :)

wmw said...

Great shots! Such wonderful looking creatures.

a feast, everyday said...

ekeng, it doesn't even look like a crab.

wmw, tq. The lens I used is phenomenal but I still need a better eye...

Precious Pea said...

Very nicely taken, especially the shark!