Monday, March 17, 2008

Stopover @ KL

We were planning a trip to Taipei for this short school holiday.
Found out three days before the journey that there were some hitches in getting our special fare. As the children were all packed and ready for the trip we had to look for alternatives and fast too. Did a big turnaround and headed closer to home, Singapore. Leanne had not been to Singapore before and the last time Bryan went, he was about 5. So they were sold and very excited.
Managed to secure seats to KL and with Bryan's recommendation we decided to take the Aeroline bus from KL to Singapore. More excitement for Leanne who seems to have forgotten all about the building 101 in Taipei that she wanted so badly to visit. Within two days, air travel, land travel and the necessary accommodation were all duly booked and confirmed through the Internet. What would we do without the Internet?
Stayed a night in KL and ate our way thru until we boarded the bus bound for Singapore the next day...

1) Dinner at Cafe 2369,

First time Keshia ordered a cup of tea, must have been the cold weather. Raining when we arrived.

Sambal french beans, a little oily but packed with mouthwatering flavours.

Butter chicken. Very similar to butter prawns with the curry leaves and egg yolk shreds. Yumz.

Deep fried sotong (squid) with salted egg yolk. Good but it would have been better if the salted egg yolk had been incorporated into the batter instead of loosely scattered over the fried squid.
Signature dish. Fresh prawns and fish head noodles. Very tasty said K.

2) Supper at SS2 stalls...

Fish head soup for Heather

Clay pot chicken rice for Keshia.

Fried abalone mushroom..

and fried pork balls for everyone.

Refreshing apple and carrots juice.

ABC to sweeten the palate.

3) Breakfast the next morning at Raju, Jalan Gasing...

Started with a wadai

or two for some

Followed by a thosai

added some fried fish roe and chicken

and drenched it in coconut chutney and curry sauce.
Best breakfast ever! Sitting under shades provided by lovely big trees made it ever better.

A PSP at breakfast table, the most anti-social device ever invented.
Note: For those who do not know what a PSP stands for, it is 'play station portable'. I just found out too.



frank said...

ooh, nice nice. The fresh prawn and fish head soup gets my vote. looks totally delicious.

also the deep fried sotong in salted egg. my goodness, mouthwatering.

there is a porky place in Sg. Way in pj that I would like heather to show you the next time you're down. simply amazing porko dishes.

I'll need to show it to her first :)

a feast, everyday said...

this food blogging thingy is getting d whole family a size or 2 larger...might have 2 go d vegan way :P

frank said...

I hear baggy clothes and garters are in fashion. couture! couture!