Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dian Xiao Er @ Vivo City, Singapore

To go to Sentosa Island by the monorail we have to go to Vivo City, a shopping mall next to Harbourfront. The day started off with a drizzle and soon turned to a downpour. So we had to (miserably??) wait out the rain in this fabulous shopping mall where we were spoilt with choices of everything. There's our favourite Tangs here having a sales and guess where K and myself headed straight for? The household department, of course. Ok, shopping in another post. Back to food. Here we can find restaurants after restuarants and all looking so tempting especially when one is so ravenous after all that shopping. How to choose? That's when my dad's rule of thumb came in handy.

We found this lovely restuarant which was full at the time but we were willing to wait despite the groaning bellies.

Tung Po Ruo. This melts-in-the-mouth dish taste even better than the recipe I have which I thought was really good. It is close but I think they steamed the meat a lot longer than I did mine. Will share with you my recipe of this famous dish soon as I get an excuse to cook it.

The signature dish of this restaurant. Very delicious roast duck, crispy skin and juicy flesh with an intoxicating herbal sauce.

Lotus roots with macadamia nuts. Fresh and crunch, crunch, crunch in every bite. So good.
Broccoli with scallops. The scallops were first rate, very fresh, sweet and juicy. They were generous with these but we still fought over them.

Pork ribs and old cucumber soup. Almost as good as home brewed.

Ma po tofu. The humble dish that was totally over shadowed by the rest of the dishes. We have tasted better ma po sauce, the tofu was silky smooth though.

The restaurant has a beautiful view of Sentosa Island at the balcony seats but they were all taken. We got a table in a room which wasn't facing Sentosa but very private which was prefect for taking pictures. I still get very conscious of people staring when taking pictures of food in restaurants :P

Dishes come in s, m, l serving
A meal averages out to about SGD15 - 20 per pax



Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

slurppp!everything looks good cept the ma po tofu, which doesn't look much like authentic sichuan ma po tofu, don't u think. must 'bookmark' this place.

a feast, everyday said...

yeah, so mild compare to the mapo I had in chengdu which numbed my whole mouth.

frank said...

There is a certain quality in the pictures that is really good, make the food look really tasty - a kind of glazing/glistening effect that is ummm, ...lovely.

No matter how full I am, the food begs a second look, and a third taste. :p


a feast, everyday said...

tt's how they look and i didin't even photoshop them (still don't know how :p)