Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Foodrepublic @ Singapore

There is this food court next to the monorail station to Sentosa in Vivo city.
Quite fascinated with its quaint interior decor which uses old doors, planks, wood and other materials from shop houses of yesteryear.

Was happily snapping away when after a dozen shots or so, a man came over and said to me 'Miss, no taking pictures please.' I looked at him puzzled and asked, 'Why?' He answered 'Trade secret'. What?! For these few planks of old wood and doors?
Ah well... since he asked so nicely...(he used 'Miss'!! Either he was missing something or I was ;p) I compliantly tucked away my camera. Nevertheless the 'miss' part of his request made my day and I happily went off looking for food to eat (instead of to shoot) :D

The dim sum in this stall is just ok.
K knows popiah is one of my all-time favourites. So wherever he sees them he will get some for me. These were, sorry to say, 'so sad'....Have to go to Penang for my popiah fix. Air Asia only RM19.99 or if luckier RM9.99!

I can never walk away from these whenever I sees them, don't know what it is called. These were only soft and fluffy when warm but dry and hard when cooled.
Found these in the stall next to the one selling the coconut snacks. Also don't know what it is called.

A pau with a much thinner layer of dough than the normal ones. Steamed and then pan fried until the skin is golden brown and a little crispy. Outside soft at the same time crispy and inside is a myriad of goodness like mushroom, tang hoon(mung bean vermicelli), dried prawns, sengkuang (jicama), spinach and a tiny bits of meat. Light and very good. Anybody knows what it is called?
Never very enthusiastic with foodcourt meals especially in Singapore but this Korean rice dish served in a hot stone bowl proved otherwise. Very authentic and very fiery spicy.



wmw said...

Ahh...the white soft kuihs, I call them kuih tutu, my favourite!

Moodie Foodie said...

Wow..hey there fellow KK flogger (?) Hahaha....i'm, so glad I stumbled upon ur blog coz it's rare to find floggers from KK or even Sabah. But little do people know but there are many great hidden food joints all over Sabah that people dont know about! And I'm so glad u are one to have shown that. Anyway, I hope to see more of your posts and food adventures.

BTW, there's this stall in Singapore which makes the best & cheapest 'ice kacang' with real peanuts. IN some food court, but I saw it documented on TV. Opened and run by some 'aunty'.

<3 Jess

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hi aunty, i mean 'miss'! yes, how we fall for tt! Years ago my friend told me she'd only buy her veg frm the ladies who call her miss, n i thought tt's so vain. but now i find myself very turned off if they call me aunty. i'm like look left n right, u calling me?? HK is best, everybody is 'mi-si'.

tt looks like a seng jen bao 'raw pan-fried bao' which is a popular Shanghainese bao tt is pan-fried until it's done. most have ground pork inside. the one u showed seems to be a 'soo' or vegan bao. we love it.n they eat it using chopsticks bc the baos r small :)

frank said...

The white soft kuih, we call them 'putu piring' as opposed to the spring hoppers which we call 'putu mayam'.

But the one you took a photo of looks slightly different with a pattern and all :p


a feast, everyday said...

wmw, terri and frank, tq my food gurus, for the info. I better do some homework in food names.

jess, welcome. Btw, ur blog header held me there for a minute or so drooling...R u sabahan living in Melbourne?

lynette said...

Hey I'm sporean and I chanced upon your blog while looking for fish maw recipes. Haha, anyway, I was curious and read this post.. and I'm really sorry to say that the food at food republic isn't that good. Most foodcourts in Sg only serve "ok" food. The really nice ones are usually in the heartlands or rundown hawkers. you may want to try queenstown market next time. good food, great variety, albeit run-down and old.

Anonymous said...

the korean dish is bimbap