Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chrysanthemum Tea

We normally just brew these florals for a fast cooling drink in this searing hot weather of ours. When I went into a Kedai Ubat (Chinese medicine shop) to get a packet of these, the lady heard me coughing and recommended this concoction for me.

From left: chrysanthemum flowers, licorice roots, honeysuckle flowers

1/2 cup chrysanthemum flowers (ju hua)

6-7 slices Chinese licorice (gan cao)

1/2 cup honeysuckle flower (jin yin hua which means gold silver flower)

2 L water

Rinse herbs off any grit and dirt. Put them into a pot of boiling water. Simmer for 2-3 minutes and then turn off the heat. Let steep for 10 minutes or so in the hot water. Strain and serve with rock sugar.

I didn't add sugar to mine because I was told that would generate more phlegm. It was very soothing for the throat and very refreshing even without the addition of rock sugar.



Moodie Foodie said...

Thank you for the wonderful herbal concoction - chrysanthemum is one of my favourites!! It is rare to find a herbal shop here in melbourne though (or maybe I'm not looking hard enough). But i am keeping this recipe for future reference.

P.S. Your pictures are gorgeous!! So pro la! DSLR, u say? What's that?

Moodie Foodie said...

i was lucky enough to come across an asian food store today and snatched up the exact ingredients u have listed here. can't wait to make myself some good ol' chrysanthemum tea!! :D :D

a feast, everyday said...

tis post is actually done with u in mind. very well stocked food store u have there. enjoy but isn't melbourne weather turning a little colder now?
DSLR is digital single-lens reflex camera n u can find out more about it in wikipedia or many many dslr sites.

Moodie Foodie said...

wow i feel so honoured u were thinking of me...hehe...

yeah the weather here is getting worse everyday. it was 8 degrees last night, and tonight it just rained like cats & dogs. i got a bit drenched coming home from school just now, so am hoping I will be able to serve up this tea for after dinner. and what perfect timing too! :)