Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Simple Grilled Fish

Moodie foodie comments on saba shioyaki in the previous
post got me thinking about grilled fish. Bought some really fresh 'wong mui chee' (don't know the name of this fish in English but in Malaysia we called it Ikan Kembong). Usually I like this fish fried but thought I would try grilling it like saba fish.
As this fish is not oily like saba, after patting it really dry, I drizzled a generous amount of oil and rock salt on the fish.
I used my small toaster oven (just nice for cooking 3 small fish) as the full sized oven would be an over-kill and a waste of energy. Set the timer to max. 15 minutes and pray for the best as I have no control over the temperature.
Well, the fish turned out great with a dash of shoyu and lime juice. Sweet and surprisingly juicier than fried.

It is getting late (promise myself to sleep earlier after the bout of crippling flu)and I seem to have a lot of trouble uploading pictures to the post. Will show you in another post how and with what we ate the fish to give it a more Japanese feel.

Good night.



frank said...

:-) Ooh, to have a more japanese feel, eat with the disposable chopsticks

And speak simple Japanese words like 'itadakimase' and 'oishi', slurp your food noisily, and burp appreciatively.

Helps to watch japanese animes as well. heh heh.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yumz...we've been eating lots of fish recently too.

a feast, everyday said...

Frank, tt's close n tt won't cost much at all :P

Terri, i saw d same fish in ur post! I did another fish steak dish again but think it would be too much to blog another fish dish.

Moodie Foodie said...

i am so glad i have given u some sort of inspiration to cook up this dish! it looks gorgeous and i will try get some fotos when i make mine in the next couple of days. Thanks for posting this!!

P.S. I don't mind you blogging about another 'fishy' post - i LOVE fish (and seafood) and would be great to know the various things i can cook it with. :)