Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pumpkin with Seaweed

With the grilled fish last night we also had this pumpkin dish which is a breeze to cook.
I used about 200g of pumpkin, left the skin on and just cut into one inch cubes.
I also used hijiki seaweed but as there is some controversial reports about this seaweed contain minute amount of inorganic arsenic, you can use a piece of kombu (kelp) or wakame just to get that taste of the sea.
Mix 2 T of soy sauce, 1 T mirin and 1 T of water into a heavy based pan. Heat the sauce and add the pumpkin.
Rinse and soak the seaweed before adding together with the pumpkin.
When boiling, lower heat and simmer until pumpkin soften.
Dish out and serve with a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds.

This was how we had a Japanese meal without having to break the bank account nor the back cooking it...grilled fish, pumpkin and rice with these seasoned nori pieces. Plus lots of toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on the rice, shoyu for dipping and miso soup.

Get some pumpkin, fish and rice together. Lay the nori over and press down on both ends of the nori with the chopstick.

Press down both ends of the nori with the chopstick and use the chopstick to encircle the food with the nori.

Lift up the bundle of yumz.

And now, ready to pop into the mouth.
Of course wearing yukata and kneeling down for dinner too could help with the Japanese feel...;D



Moodie Foodie said...

OMG...i'm drooling over my computer! Haha...Sounds too easy to make too! Did you make garlic rice coz it looks slightly tinted...*yum*

In regards to hijiki...i don't understand why i can't find it in the asian food shops. I've wanted to try make the cold appetiser dish they serve during lunch at Nishiki (marinated hijiki & lotus root) and I have been searching for it for months! Could it be named otherwise, and if possible, what brand do u use?

Precious Pea said... also having Jap dinner? Is Jap homecooked dinner a craze in KK now? Hehe.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

u have really gotten the hang of ur dslr. very very nice photos!

a feast, everyday said...

moodie, hubby help me get the hijiki overseas but i can't rmber where. it is hijiki on the packaging. Try health shop especially those that sell macrobiotic stuffs.

pp, tis only play play one.

terri, yeah like hanging the cam round my neck d whole day long. tq 4 d kind words.

Anonymous said...

Hello, a feast, everyday,
Hope I can reach you here as there was page that said you could not be found!
Like your recipes and photographs, I posted 2 of your pictures on seaweed to share with my friends on facebook, with credit given to a feast, everyday.
Like to post it on my new website and with reference to your blog, it's ok?
God Bless & thank you