Monday, April 7, 2008

Simple Vermicilli

Another meatless dish to share with all those slim souls with inflated frames. I put in more veggies than vermicilli as we like the crunchiness they giveto the dish, almost like a salad. A very quick and simple dish to cook and eat. The cooking method is more gon lou (dry stir) then fried so less oil is used.

300g tang hoon (mung bean vermicelli)
2 carrots, peeled and julienned
1 jicama (sengkuang), peeled and julienned
2 T dried shrimps, cleaned, soaked and chopped coarsely
3-4 cloves garlic, chopped
2 cups hot stock (or hot water + 1 chicken stock cube)
cilantro, chopped
2 chillies, julienned

To season:
salt, fish sauce or soy sauce

Soak tang hoon for 5 minutes (in hot water) or 20 minutes (in room temp. water) until soft. Drain.
Heat 2T oil in wok on high heat, add garlic and dried prawns.
Stir constantly until fragrant.
Add the carrots, jicama and the tang hoon, cook over high heat for 2 minutes. Give it a good mix but let veggie retain their crunchiness.
Add stock. The tang hoon will soak up the stock very quickly so the dish is not wet even with 2 cups of stock.
Season to taste and add chillies.

Off heat and add the cilantro. For Keshia and Leanne I have to dish out before adding the cilantro.

I like it served with a chopped chili padi/lime juice/soy dipping sauce or, for Keshia and Leanne, they like it with a mild sambal belacan.



ekeng said...

Simple but delicious..Thanks for your recipe..will try to make one :)

Big Boys Oven said...

oh this dish is so well capture! awesome!

a feast, everyday said...

ekeng, do try it, very easy.

bb oven, tq and it taste good too!

frank said...

This is one of the best dishes to have. For Iris and me, we'll skip the dried prawns and we're not big on it.
I also realised that when I was young(er) I too hated cilantro or parsley or any kind of herb, it's only now that I add more and more of the herbs - love it.