Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pan-Fried Mackerel with onion pickle

A very light and simple dish that goes so well with rice and best eaten with fingers.

Pan-fried fish:
Marinate 3-4 slices of fish (here I used tenggiri - mackerel) with salt, 1 tsp. of ginger juice and a dash of curry powder. Pan-fried on both sides until just done. Dish out on to a serving plate.
Red snapper fillet or small whole fish like Kembong can be done the same way too.

Onion pickle:
Peel and thinly slice 4-6 red onions (shallots). Rub them well with salt and leave to soak for 10-20 minutes. Squeeze out excess liquid from onions. Add 1 T lime juice (or vinegar or red wine vinegar), 2 T sugar and 1 T fish sauce to taste. Add as much or as little chopped chilies and cilantro as you like. Spicy or otherwise depends on whether bird's eye or big chillies are used.

Spread onion pickle on fish or serve separately and enjoy with rice.



frank said...

I had curried slice of Tenggiri for lunch the other day along with a whole leg of Kampung chicken, and some ulam on the side. It was super yummy-licious, but pricey, I paid RM13.50 for it.

Nowadays, food is getting more and more expensive (a friend said - expensifer and expensifer), eating out will soon be not so regular.

Hazza said...

Not the same type of mackerel we get here in UK, as they would be too small for steaks the way yours is cut. However, I would like to try it with some other fish like cod or hake.

Moodie Foodie said...

oh u lucky ppl in sabah - can get fresh fish anytime and so cheap too!! I love fish but too expensive la. $20+ a kilo for good fish. ;(

and i don't think i can find mackeral here....only tinned ones. o_O wanted to make saba shioyaki but guess gotta resort to some other fish....though, i'm not quite sure what diff the type of fish used makes. i only know that salmon & trout are interchangable for their taste. so is cod to blue grenadier (apparently). care to enlighten me?

a feast, everyday said...

Frank, it is d same here in KK not only the prices have gone up but d portions have shrunk too.

hazza, hi, welcome. no don't think it is the same. d ones u get in uk would be d one we call 'saba' a much more oily fish which can only be gotten in cold storage.
cod would be nice and any firm flesh fish would do very well.

moodie, yeah we are truly blessed. I just discovered a place where they sell freshly caught fish everyday n cheaper than downtown market - near Karamunsing warehouse @ d bridge to Sembulan.
I am no expert in fish especially the deep sea fishes but 'saba' i know for sure is not d tenggiri i used here. We do get saba (i think it is called d spanish mackerel) but imported and frozen. For shioyaki, i do like saba but i guess any good firm flesh fish can be grilled.

Moodie Foodie said...

thanks for the info. i have some dory in the fridge so maybe i could try making shioyaki with them. i was lucky enough to snap up a tray of dory fillets (about 1.5kg) for only AU$8, which is a very good deal. i stumbled upon the market by accident as i just happened to travel up to the suburbs for a training workshop and stopped by to go to the atm.