Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Special Olympics in KK

The 10th Special Olympic games of district level was held last Sunday in the Penampang sport stadium.

Special Olympics is an international voluntary organisation providing sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type and local sports for children and adults with intellectual disability.
The true meaning of Special Olympics is best summarised:
"In a world where poverty, war and oppression have dimmed peoples hopes, Special Olympics re-kindles that hope with their spiritual strengths, their excellence and achievements"- author unknown.

Below are a few of the many (150) images I managed (struggled) to captured. I realised I have a lot to learn about outdoor, action photography. It is a whole new ball game to still-life photography.

"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."

Three girls for the 100m walk and the rest were volunteers.

Special Olympics relies on VOLUNTEERS for all activities. These three young lovely ladies braving the hot sun were here to help with the awards section.

Even when they do not win a medal they receive a certificate.

This cheeky little girl, a gold medalist, gave a supermodel pose when she sees my camera aiming at her.

Special Olympics is an organization created to help people with intellectual disabilities develop self-confidence, social skills and a sense of personal accomplishment through sports.

The Seri Mengasih athletics waiting for their turns on the track.

Children and adults with intellectual disabilities who take part in Special Olympics usually develop better physical fitness and motor skills, greater self-confidence and a more positive self-image.

They begin to grow mentally, socially and spiritually and, through these inspiring activities, exhibit boundless courage and enthusiasm. They enjoy the friendship and discover new abilities and talents.

These medalists will go on to compete in the State level games which will be held in Tawau June this year. Well done, girls!

Keshia was very lucky to be permitted to participate in the 2003 Special Olympics World Summer Games that was hosted in Ireland, held from 21 June-29 June 2003. Dublin served as the central stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies in which she was able to witness live preformances of the U2, the Corrs and many more. Until today it still remains THE event of her life and the envy of her brothers and sisters.
The Special Olympics World Games is held every four years. Usually the games are held in the USA and 2003 was the first time it was held outside the States. The 2007 Games were held in Shanghai, China, from 2-11 October 2007.
Athens, Greece, will host the next Special Olympics World Summer Games, 25 June - 4 July 2011
Our Dreams have Color” was the theme of a speech given by Joanna Despotopoulou, President of the 2011 World Games Organizing Committee.
Yes… our dreams have color but only when we really open our eyes and are overwhelmed with life, when we do not imprison them in a lonesome journey, when we do not bury them under a huge ego, when we share them with those who need them truly,” Despotopoulou said.

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Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

these kids rock!n Kesh is so pretty in tt last pic:)

daisyfused said...

i miss!!!!!!!

frank said...

It looked like great fun, and yes, the special ones are the most positive people in the world. We could all do with a great helping of this positive can do attitude.
Congrats on the gold medal :)

wmw said...

They are the ones that teach us in return about living life!

a feast, everyday said...

and they don't complain, not about the heat, the delay but one girl did refuse to accept the cert. cos she preferred the medal!

Geng Yayasan Sabah@ anak2 Kambing 91 said...

WE...the volunteer oF SMk Bahang reaLLy misS theM anD have a gooD time wiF them-----flOra---mariebeth---christie---laSlYen---eva---alex----mujap---lasT but not LeasT our BIG BOS JAMES BALA MUGZz....PeaCe

a feast, everyday said...

My sincere thanks to all u volunteers. Great job and keep it up!