Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pork Chops with Jin Dou sauce

This recipe is adapted from one of those Hawkers' Fair magazines that feature all the glorious food we get from the hawkers stalls.
I cooked this for the first time during last CNY when Mui, Pit and family came for dinner on the third day. I had some very meaty pork ribs chopped about 2-3 inches in length. But too bad, unable to show any pictures because I never did get to take any. The 2 kgs or so of ribs went so fast I know for sure they were good.
This time, I used pork chops.

500g pork chop, cut into 1cm slices and pound with the back of cleaver

Marinate pork with:
1 T oyster sauce
1 t sugar
1 t salt
1 t sesame oil
1 egg
2 T flour
1 T corn flour
3 T water

Leave for 3 hours or so.

Meanwhile prepare the sauce:
50 ml black vinegar
2 T worcestershire sauce
5 T tomato sauce
5 T plum sauce
3 T sugar
1 t 5-spice powder (optional)
100 ml water

Combine all sauce ingredients and bring to boil.
Then lower heat and cook until sauce thickens a little but not too much because it thickens further when cooled. Season and adjust salt, sugar and vinegar to taste.
Remove from heat.

Pan (or deep) fry pork chop pieces in batches until golden brown. Drain.
To serve, add enough sauce to coat the chops and more if your family is like mine that love to eat rice mix with gravy. Any leftover sauce can be kept for about a week in the fridge.

Suggested serving:
1. With white rice
2. With burger buns layer with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber slices. Make fantastic pork chop burgers.



Moodie Foodie said...

Hey, sorry i didn't reply ur last post...i haven't been online much. But to say the least, this post had me drooling too. Yes, I am a Sabahan residing in Melbourne. And that picture is one that I took at a cafe near where I study, and they serve the best sticky date pudding and make gorgeous cupcake-tiers for functions.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

pork chops look restaurant-made. can open shop :)

a feast, everyday said...

haven't been online much myself. sick as a dog for almost two weeks. only now the appetite has returned but the palates still behaving weird.
open hawkers' stall only lah :p

Moodie Foodie said...

hawker stall still ok ma...i will be ur first customer!

anyway, i think hawker stall make more money than restaurants coz the labour/rent is way lower.

U know that sotong place that used to be at what is now Cathay Cinema carpark? That guy is loaded!!

a feast, everyday said...

ya, stalls r definitely more profitable. d fellow running d bfast n lunch stall that sells pork innards in tanjong aru drives a Mercedes...

a feast, everyday said...

ya, stalls r definitely more profitable. d fellow running d bfast n lunch stall that sells pork innards in tanjong aru drives a Mercedes...

Moodie Foodie said...

hahaha.....u parents know them personally (i think might be thru years of patronage). but yeah, i think the son drives a merc. not sure of his background but i think he dropped out of school.

u tried the other fella who opens up shop at nite? we know him too. GREAT noodles & sambal swordfish panggang!!! =]~~

btw, u seem to go to tanjung aru a lot. u live close by?

a feast, everyday said...

hi u do know many food stalls in kk. ya, d night stall is good and cheap too.
no, i don't live near TA but i do go there almost everyday to send my daughter to school, so i stopped by to do marketing.

Moodie Foodie said...

heh....i lived in kk almost all my life, and of course there's also the fact that my family love to eat that's why i know a lot of food joints ;)

ooh...mornings @ TA are awesome. When i was younger, we would drive around to TA and buy noodles/kuih/fish cakes..mmm...i miss those days :(

frank said...

Oh my God!!!
Will you look at the meat; glistening, just glistening,


Salivating! Salivating!

Having pork withdrawals :p

look so lovely...

a feast, everyday said...

Moodie, i love TA market too, no jam, no parking problem but d no of stalls in the market have shrunk. The pork and fish stalls closed down. lucky 4 me d beef stall still operating.

Frank, knew tt would get ur attention. btw how's Iris? Look thru my photos and saw d lovely kueh lapis u brought over 2 KK. When can i get d recipe fr Iris's mum? can i post it?

Moodie Foodie said...'s sad that the pisang goreng stall @ esso station is also gone...those yummy soggy pisang goreng has been replaced with big signboard straw-fried ones everywhere.

frank said...

Can can, I'll go swing by to Iris' mom's place and get the recipe from her.

It's a shame Iris doesn't want to learn it, its DELISH, but a helluva lot of work involved.

And we'll try take some piccies to send you also. But mind it wont be anywhere as good as yours. :)

kris said...

tried it today and we loved it.
thanks for sharing!

may i ask for permission to post it in my blog? of course with proper credit and linking. Plus i'd possibly translate to Hungarian.

a feast, everyday said...

kris, glad u like it and sure u can blog it (in hungarian too!). U, a Hungarian?
So sorry took so long 4 me to answer as i didn't realise there was n added comment until i wanted to change the pics of this post.

kris said... took me even longer to come back to check your reply.
thanks for the permision :)

i'm malaysian living in Hungary.

a feast, everyday said...

kris, wow, a malaysian in Hungary n can write in hungarian too. how long hv u been there? Wat is ur blog url add.?