Friday, June 1, 2007

Go French

We were in KL last weekend and were invited to a french restaurant in Bangsar. The restaurant 'Le Francais' is located in One Bangsar where one can find an array of mouthwatering fine dinning restaurants ranging from Asian to fusion to European.

The entrance to Le Francais

The bread basket--my weakness !!

I had two of these wholemeal buns. Warm, crusty outside and soft inside. I would have been happy without anything else. Just adored them! Could have had more...but decided to save some room for the rest of the courses.

Piled on loads of the silky smooth french butter...em.. stuff made in heaven.

A salmon hors d'ourves-- just prefect for a mouthful.

A delicious sun-dried tomatoes consomme with seafood n cheese tortellini (Italian??). The pasta was smooth while one bite onto it the fresh prawn inside provide a crunch and sweetness - almost wantanlike (Chinese??) Loved this too. Heather had the duck -- an excellent choice. The red rosette was actually mashed beetroot - had the texture of mash potatoes and tasted good -another interesting idea to serve not so popular veg! I had the steak- requested medium rare but it came a wee bit overdone but still juicy. Didn't care much for the shredded veg. topping but love the mash and sauce.


A fish dish. Didn't get to try it, too shy to ask.. Anyway, here is the pix. Judge for yourself.

We shared the fruit sherbet. Served in a most unusual dish-very space like. Four flavours-- apple, pineapple, lycee and one we both couldn't identified. We loved the apple but found the rest too sweet.

Another dessert - for someone who just couldn't resist anything chocolate..
molten choc cake served with creamy toffee ice cream and crushed nuts. Sinful but yummy...

Verdict for the night: Good food and good company combined... totally irresistible and intoxicating.


sario said...

wah wah wah....hard life huh?..La Bodega...the french soo hard..haha..the food looks soo good...droooool....

daisyfused said...

mummy! love ur writing!