Sunday, June 3, 2007

Go Tapas

Went to La Bodega in Bangsar, KL for a pre-dinner bite. Heather's crazy about everything Spanish since her trip to Barcelona earlier this year. She insisted we try this. Had tapas for the first time ever -- kampung gal from Tamparuli (for those who don't know -it's a small small town in Sabah, E. Malaysia). Heather did all the ordering so we just sat and ate.
Sorry about the pictures-- taken with a camera phone (what will they think of next?)

Button mushroom sauteed in a creamy garlicky sauce.

The play play cook said he can duplicate this --we'll see.

Aubergines with spicy sauce.

Kinda of like a malay sambal dish. Not our favourite but also finished.

Potatoes wedges with mayo sauce

This is an interesting dish-- grilled asparagus with a sauce made of almond, red pepper, garlic and olive oil. We also had the fried cheese and lamb meatballs.

All these eaten with lots of bread (definitely carb-overdosed).

(post comment by heather: Bodega's food is REALLY as good as the food in Barcelona. Or maybe it just suits our malaysian tastebuds. And the ambience and good 'chi' always guarantees a great meal every visit. One of my fave restaurants in KL.)

Love, Jo


sario said...

OMG.....drooool...wanna eat the wedges wit mayo sauce...and the mushroom...yum yum.....wanna go there again la....

sario said...

Thanks for your happy birthday cooking skill still very limited, i hav to learn much more, especially from the "play play cook" ^^.
But definately will cook something for you guys next time i come...

The Drool Squad said...

star: so some simple home-cooked vietnamese food for us,ok?

Precious Pea said...

Looks good! Have not tried this place eventhough it's so famous.

daisyfused said...


come back soon so i can buy us more tapas!!!!!!!!!!!!