Monday, June 18, 2007

Restoran King Crab @ Tmn Mewah Jaya

Happy Father's Day to ppc.. and all the papas, ayahs, dads and fathers in the whole wide world..(www) :) --Saved this post just for today!

As Father's day is just round the corner and we would be back in KK by then, we decided to celebrate with Heather here in KL (so sad Don is not here in KL too). That gave us a good excuse to go check out the famous King Crab restaurant.

Restoran King Crab

creamy butter crabs Rm57
The butter sauce was incredible eaten with the soft fried buns...but alas..the crabs were sadly overcooked. Lots of crab meat but dry and tough - so?....had to soak them in lots of sauce ...what better excuse to lick the creamy sauce's plate clean???
soft fried buns Rm9

Baked Crabs with salted egg yolk Rm57
First time ever to taste crabs cooked this way and imaging, we are from Sabah, the land of abundant sea food!! This dish (just the sauce) got to be my favourite -I just love the salted egg yolk !! These crabs faced the same fate as the others--grossly overcooked. I think they were all boiled first, then prepared with the different sauces to serve. And was so so disappointed when couldn't find any crab roe in any of the crabs-- zero..nothing...almost cried!!

deep fried mantis prawn Rm15
Didn't get to taste this, the gang were too fast and I am a very slow eater!!
deep fried pork leg Rm45
Not exactly what we thought we ordered - but tasted pretty good. Crispy outside, soft and still juicy inside. Eaten with two dipping sauce - one was peppery and the other one not sure what but sweet.

'pak chok har' - boiled prawn Rm45

The prawns dipped in this special sauce of chinese 'yen swei'- a herb that looks like cilantro but with smaller and more delicate foliage and a much stronger fragrant.

rossette pak choi with enoki mushroom cooked in a delicious stock Rm18

sambal wing beans Rm18

A cholesterol-loaded meal but once a year (.. really?) for father's day only ( hahaha only kidding ourselves!!). Promise to eat healthier after this meal....

Love, Jo


Precious Pea said...

KING CRAB!! MY FAV RESTAURANT!! Hahaha..sounds like you had a feast there. Sadly, my last visit there, my bbq-ed crab was overcooked and no gravy to soften it. :(

thesarios said...

Total enjoy but felt so guilty after the meal...

sario said...

wah the way did dad get my msg?

The Drool Team said...

Don't know - he is in LA. See what you missed but I know u not big fan for prawns and crabs. When u come back we go Ang Kee..