Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ang Kee Restuarant @ SS2

For dinner we decided to check out one of precious pea's many postings - Ang Kee restaurant. We know Kayu nasi kandar's location and so finding Ang Kee was easy.

Restoran Ang Kee

fried la la meehoon - Rm12
A little dry but tasted really good with the sweetness of the la la infused onto the meehoon..gone in 2 mins.

wet buttered mantis prawn - Rm15

Every one's favourite. Right crunch with lovely lovely creamy sauce...yum yum!!!

Guinness pork bones - Rm14

Didn't taste any stout. Crispy but a bit hard and dry inside. Not unlike ordinary 'pie kuat wang'( literal translation-pork ribs king).

fried sticky rice sticks - Rm12

Another favourite - the rice sticks had just the right texture -smooth and with a bite(not too soggy or hard) with a sweetish sauce... A good alternative to the usual noodle or meehoon dishes.

intestine with dried shrimps - Rm12

We don't usually eat innards but Heather ordered a small serving, and how we fought over that small portion...never tasted intestine like this so... so.... springy (calamari-like) and coupled with the fried shrimps..oh....highly recommended.

baby pak choi fried with garlic - Rm8

We loved this dish too -the veg is so fresh and cooked just right--still crunchy with lots of garlic, stock and a little oil.

Empty plates ...

Food polished off in record time --less than 15 minutes!!! And the meal only cost Rm85 for 6 of us. Service was fast even with the restaurant 80% full. Cleanliness rated 'A' and it's air-conditioned. We definitely will be back to try out more dishes.


sario said...

wei....pls...laa...stop posting all this food pics...the wet butter milk prawns..loook soooo goood.....driving myself crazy more weatern food..i want oriental food..RICE,RICE,RICE!!!!!!!...

The Drool Squad said...

hehehe torture leh? many more good things coming....

Precious Pea said...

OOO...butter milk prawns was good. I went back again for 2nd visit but yet to post on it. Try their kam heong lala...simply love their kam heong gravy. Goes so well with rice.

The Drool Squad said...

alas,too bad back in KK already..otherwise go tonite!!!