Monday, June 11, 2007

MOVEN PICK ice cream

in this place they make their own cone fresh. with cone plus 2 scoops of ice cream is about $nz 7.00.

it was said that to pick a place to eat always look at the crowd thats eating in it..if its should be a good place..if not..dont bother going in..and so, on a sunday out with star along Mission Bay..there was a long line of people outside a ice cream the middle of winter!!ppl waiting in the cold for ice cream!! we went to the end of the line to find out wat the big deal was ...and the big deal was MOVEN PICK ice cream from switzerland.

Love, Don


The Drool Squad said...

wow look so good...but not for winter..freezing lah. Cook some hot hot (chilli hot!!)dishes man..

sario said...

haha..i know..but was so tempting..and it was worth it..haha..