Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Over the seas to KL

Were in KL for a few days because it was school holiday and LeAnne wanted to go 'overseas'. So off to KL we went - over the South China Sea...hahaha.

Our coach breakfast...only two choices but surprisingly tasty - we must have been extremely hungry!!

nasi lemak with prawn sambal

scrambled eggs with sausage and potatoes bits

It was lunch time when we arrived, so what else? Look for food.... Found this kedai in SS2--looked very promising.. lots of stalls offering many of our favourites.

Kedai Ah Fatt


Wherever I see a popiah stall I just cannot resist ordering a plate. This one very disappointing - skin breaks up when handled, sauce too sweet and the whole assembly so soggy and mashy.

pork soup

LeAnne had this. Tried some .. pretty good. Very good soup stock but a tad too salty.

char koay teow

Bryan's chioce. He found it too oily - couldn't even finish.

a wide variety of cooked dishes for lunch

Kesh had a hard time deciding what to eat. Can see her going for the fried chicken--her favourite.

Overall not a very satistifying lunch but never the mind..we know there is more to come.

Love, Jo

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