Monday, June 18, 2007

Glutinous Galore (I)

Lemper Rm0.70

Whenever I pass by 'Mee and Cake House' ( a shop near Servey Hypermarket, Penampang) I cannot resist having one of these. I was told it is called lemper (Indonesian?). It is glutinous rice with a spicy chicken sambal floss filling wrapped with banana leaf into a tiny bundle and oh what a bundle-- good thing do comes in small package. One bite and the soft, smooth texture of the rice with the lovely aroma of the banana leaf and a whiff of lemongrass from the spicy floss fills every senses in my palate bundle only gives about three bites...

The lemper also comes with a dried prawn sambal filling. The shop sells a wide variety of snacks and cakes, and does catering too.

Love, Jo

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