Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Glutinous galore (II)

Tzungtzu wrapped in bamboo leaves

Yesterday, our next door neighbour, Cecilia gave us some glutinous rice dumplings (tzungtzu--rice wrapped in bamboo leaves). It reminds us that the Dragon Boat Festival is here again. This festival is called Duan Wu Jie in China and is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in honour of an ancient poet and statesman, Qu Yuan.

Cecilia's tzungtzu

The traditional fare with beans, mushroom, pork and sausage. Very well done, the rice soft and smooth infused with all the aromas and taste. Got to get Cecilia to share her recipe.

Deluxe tzungtzu

My sister, Pit gave me this tzung which she bought from a tzungtzu specialist from Tuaran (she makes tzung the whole year round). This is so sumptuous. Beside the usual salted egg york, mushroom, chestnut and pork --I found a big dried oyster in the tzung....ohoh..so..so delicious. Can you spot it sitting on the fork? The sweetness and the aroma from the oyster permeating the whole humble tzung turning it into a gourmet treat. Never know, I just might find a whole abalone in my next tzung.....
Happy Duan Wu Jie tomorrow!!

Love, Jo


daisyfused said...

i'm hungry!!!!!!!!!! i want!!!

:'( i haven't had a single dumpling this year yet.

The Drool Team said...

Go get one now and make sure it has an oyster inside!

Precious Pea said...


The Drool Team said...

No need to be sad. Go get a tzung with scallop inside!