Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Apiwon off Jln Kolam

This got to be the family's favourite 'ngau chap'--beef soup joint in town. The reasons we keep coming back to this shop is, of course the good food and the cleanliness, food served in ceramic wares and the chilli sauce and its dispenser(!!)


ngui chap soup Rm 5.50

The soup is very clear and light - kind of like consomme. Has a mouth-watering aromatic fragrant of beef with a hint of radish and pepper. The meatballs are firm and springy to the bite. The garnishes of spring onion and 'tung choi' further enhanced and heightened the sensation of the taste buds. Everything in the soup worked harmoniously well together. The chilli sauce...oh..oh.. so hot but worth the sweat!! The soup can be serve with noodles, vermicelli, kon lou or rice. The only complain I have is that they always run out of beef tendons which I love....

seafood soup with 'kon lou' noodles Rm7.50

This is ppc and Bryan's favourite. The fish balls, fish slices and prawns come in a tomato and salted veggie soup base that gives it a sourish tinge.

tuna porridge Rm4

This is also one of Leanne's favourite. The tuna used I think is fresh but cooked separately. The fish is very tasty and really complements the peppery, lightly seasoned porridge. A perfect light meal.

The shop also offers fish cake -

They open :

Mon - Sat - 7:30am - 10pm

Sun - 7:30am - 3pm

Love, Jo


Precious Pea said...

The Ngau Jab looks delicious especially with radish. Must jot it down in my Buku Tiga 5.

The Drool Team said...

hahaha i know that little buku. Since started blogging i keep one by my side all the time...Leanne always 'kay po'--want to know what i write inside..mostly where to eat and what to eat, what else??