Monday, June 4, 2007

THE best burger in the world

Don, now HERE is the world's best burger. :-)

Introducing mummy's 188 Jamie Oliver burger.
Made with love and all the best ingredients .

Paired with the universe's best wedges, and it becomes heavenlier than heavenly.

I can't give you the recipe since I'm no chef. So i thought I'd just leave you with this pic to drool over.

Love from over the South China Sea, Heather


sario said...

I publicly appologise for saying white lady burgers are the best homeburgers ive ever had..when clearly my mum's 188 "jamie oliver" burgers are great..but i must clearly state that they are both great in their own way...mum..i apologise again...haha..sound so formal..but damn...the pics makes me sooo hungry..u know everytime i go on this site...makes me sooo hungry..188"mums jamie O" burgers or white lady burgers...still sooo hungry...haha....drooool

Precious Pea said...

WAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! DRROOOLLLLZZZZZ!!!!! Look soooo gooodddd!!!!!!

The Drool Squad said...

sario: why so hungry all the time?weather very cold hah?

precious pea: All credits to Jamie Oliver and the recipe from his cookbook Jamie's Dinners pg 6. I think Heather also exaggerated mayak mayak (lots n lots).