Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sun screen

With the earth's ozone layers depleting, the sun's ray has become merciless. Having heard so many friends and family afflicted with different forms of skin ailments, we really need to take some form of precaution. For all those ladies who have to brave the mid-day sun (between 11am - 3pm) running errands for whatever reasons and especially to all the mums who ferry their children to and from school, tuition, piano/ballet/dancing class.....

Sun Sense Daily Face Rm39.90 (75g)

Heather tried this first and told me about it. I found it in Guardian but you can find it in Watson too. I am so pleased with it I just want to share it with anyone who cares to listen or read!
No, I am not paid to advertise (that would be nice though) but this product is really good and I would feel so selfish keeping it to myself.

It is SPF 60, blocks UV-A and UV-B rays, oil-free base which is ideal for me (my face literally melts and oozes oil under the hot sun!!) and fragrant-free. It is light and smooth with a slight tint that gives the face a matt finishing. Now I don't even bother applying loose powder over the sun screen lotion. The face feels very comfortable the whole day. And....look at the price!!! I once used a branded sunscreen that cost Rm200+ for a small tube and it lasted like...2 weeks. It was good but...who in their right mind would splash Rm400+/month on sun screen lotion??
I use sun screen everyday (yes, even on overcast days) and I have tried so many...expensive, inexpensive, free samples....oil-base, water-base...This is the best I have come across so far.

A while ago I even resorted to don on one of those HUGH plastic visor that covers my entire face much like a helmet without the head protection. My passengers were so aghast -- they either covered their faces with newspaper/magazines or sank real low into their seats. Not surprisingly, the contraption disappeared mysteriously one day. Well, I did looked like a cross between Evel Knievel and the Ninja Turtles!!

To dress like the ladies from the Middle East with only my eyes showing did cross my mind too....on second thought, with my super almost-opaque dark glasses, not much of my eyes will be showing either!!
If only my passengers could read my mind they will gladly buy me all the sun screen I need...

The product is made in Australia. To check out their various products click here.

Love, Jo


Anonymous said...

You know what, I don't think sunscreen is effective. Don't be fooled by marketing. As far as I know, the last time I used sunscreen and found it effective was when I actually dabbed on so much sunscreen that it felt like i was spreading icing cake...have to apply very thick lotion on the skin, at least half an inch thick.

Anonymous said...

can you post up a photo on your blog of yourself with a little bit of sunscreen covering half your face, and a lot of sunscreen covering the other half of ur face? Then stand under the sun for comparison. So you can see what I mean!

As far as I know, sunscreen works the best if you stand under the shade.

sario said...

who is this "anonymous"?

The Drool Team said...

Hahaha, that is hilarious, imagine having half an inch of goo on ur face!! Post us a pic. Oh never mind, with all that on ur face we'll still be asking 'who is that?' Thanks for ur opinion, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks 4 d'tip. I'll go look 4 it and pass it to my cousin who's allergic to the sun (at least she thinks so)


The Drool Team said...

You are most welcome.